Most Videos Are Judged And Stopped After
The First Five Seconds. Here's How To Make People Watch Yours...

The fastest and easiest way of making your videos "pop" and get viewers engaged is by adding a professional intro to your videos.

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3 Easy Steps To Get Your Own Splasheo...

It's super easy to get your own Splasheo created in no time. All you have to do, is follow these 3 easy steps!

Step 1 - Select Your Animation

Select from a range of professionally designed animations. Each animation is short, so you can view them quickly and make your decision easily.

Step 2 - Select Your Music Track

Next, select which music track you want to go with your animation. Just pick the track you think will suit your splasheo the best!

Step 3 - Add Your Customization

Finally, place your order and add your own customizations... for example for video intro clips, you can upload your logo or just use the name of your brand!

And that's it! We'll take care of the rest!

We'll get straight to work and deliver your final animation as soon as possible. All that's left, is for you to add your brand new splasheo clip to your videos... and make your viewers go wow!

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Other Well Known People Who Use Splasheo's Inside Their Videos

"If you want to instantly make your videos look more professional, Splasheo is the go-to solution. I couldn't be any more satisfied with my experience and I know anyone who works with them will feel the same!"

Pat Flynn -

"Quick and easy, I had a professional video introduction ready to add to every video I produced. It’s such a simple way to instantly look like a real company and not an amateur."

Yaro Starak -

"Professional, fast, trust-worthy and above all VERY creative, I can highly recommend Splasheo to anyone wanting cool looking, professional video intro's and outro's."

Chris Ducker -

"This is a no-brainer for adding professional intro's and outro's to your videos, your online training and more importantly your digital branding and marketing. I love it!. My clients are going to grab one of these for sure. Thanks Gideon for making this so easy."

Pam Brossman CEO,


Case Study Examples And What People Are Saying About Their Experience With Splasheo...

Below is a collection of case study examples and comments of praise from previous customers. Check out the examples by hitting the play button to stream the videos. Then read what the customer said about their experience with Splasheo as highlighted in the text under the video; a handy scroll bar is provided on the right.


More Testimonials and Feedback
From Happy Customers

"The Results Are Spectacular"

"Splasheo was the perfect answer for taking my videos to the next level. The process to create my video introduction was very easy, lightning fast and the results are spectacular. I highly recommend Splasheo to anyone who wants to raise their game when it comes to the quality of the videos they produce!"

George Levy

"This Is A Game Changer"

"If you are serious about taking your videos to the next level, then look no further than Splasheo's new video branding services.  This is a game changer and will make your videos look professionally made which in turn will set you apart from the other videos in your niche.  I couldn't be happier with the quality of the video Splasheo provided.  Keep up the great work!"

David A. Neff


"Splasheo provide a great video service that’s fast, cost effective and efficient. They hit home on the key animations needed to promote your business and services and capitalise on video SEO. Perfect!"

Mark Robson, Partner
Insight Group Marketing

"Super Fast. Super Easy. Super Gorgeous"

"Super fast. Super easy. Super gorgeous. Just what custom videos should be!"

Leonie Dawson
Soulful Business Mentor

"The Quality And Pricing I Was Looking For"

"I've been looking all over the place to find a great intro video for my site that could feature my logo in, but none of the sites I came across had the quality and pricing I was looking for. It seemed like I either had to go custom (costly) or low end (cheap). When I found Splasheo I simply loved the choices they had and how the logos looked in all of their intros. It was also great to see that the price was quite reasonable and how fast they delivered my video intro. I will definitely be ordering more video work from Splasheo soon!"

Zac Johnson

"Easy To Use, Fast Service That's Excellent Value"

" offers an easy to use, fast service that's excellent value. Our splasheo was produced within 24 hours and we're delighted with the results. Highly recommended."

Kev Partner

"Can't Wait To Use It"

"Oh my, that is such a cool video! I can't believe how easy it was to order and upload the image. You did a fantastic job, I teared up when I saw it. Can't wait to use it."

Kat Mindenhall, LCSW

"Splasheo Rocks"

"Splasheo rocks for savvy video logo's & intro's... I can't wait to spiv up my online presence with their power... and I found their online service to be not only impeccable... but VERY easy to use."

Devi SoulJuice

"An Absolute Steal!"

"I might be biased, but I think our Splasheo is beautiful! Your team made it so easy to get that professional, polished look in our videos. Left to my own devices, it would have taken me hours - maybe days - to try and patch something together myself.

Viditrainer is a new business, but these little things (like the professional video intro you made for us) make us stand out already.

I am a serial entrepreneur, and the next business I launch will definitely also get a Splasheo. Your launch price was an absolute steal! It's a bargain even if you charge me 7 times more..."

Deon Terblanche
CEO - Viditrainer


"I Absolutely Recommend Splasheo Without Hesitation!!"

"I do a lot of video marketing for my own solo small business and many private clients. I have ordered MANY video intros from Splsheo and LOVE THEM ALL! I absolutely recommend Splasheo without hesitation!! If you need video graphics that are fun, professional, very affordable AND will also generate attention and help get results with your video marketing, these guys are the ones to hire! You will not be disappointed."

Jeanna Pool
Amazon #1 bestselling author

"Great Value For Money!"

"The intro and lower thirds have significantly improved the quality of my videos which has led to clients making positive comments and taking more notice of my business. Not to mention they are great value for money!"

Tony Phillips

"...An Edge Over My Competition"

"I LOVE my Custom Intro!! This is just the leg up I needed to give me an edge over my competition. My videos have been instantly lifted in professionalism. Thank you Splasheo! I'll be stalking you for an Outro next!"

The Diaper Dirt Blog

"I Love It"

"Thank you so much for my custom video...I love it! This will make my videos seem so much more professional. Keep up the great work. I'm already working on getting my next logo to you."

M. Calleja
Pixels From The

"By Far The Best Intro And Outro Videos"

"Splasheo is an amazing company providing by far the best intro and outro videos to improve the professionalism of your video content. Their staff are prompt, friendly and if you want to be taken serious as a video blogger it’s imperative to use their services!"

Ivan Velazquez

"Splasheo Has Mastered The Art..."

"Super Fast. Easy. Professional. Splasheo has mastered the art of fast, easy and high quality automatic video intro delivery. I got my video on the same day and now I'm using it in all my videos. My online presence is now much more attractive than before. Thanks Splasheo!"

Mikhail Pomeliaiko

"Their Videos Look Incredible."

"Splasheo ROCKS!  Their videos look incredible.  When I received my custom intro it was like christmas and unwrapping a new toy.  I wasn't disappointed, their videos are professional, great quality, and I believe will add a level of professionalism to my business that I couldn't do myself. Thank you to everyone at Splasheo!"

Jonathan Shaw

"The Affordability Factor Is Amazing"

"Splasheo's intro adds a remarkably highly professional  quality to my videos at a fraction of the cost. The affordability factor is amazing for such great video work.
Thanks Splasheo!"

Michael Greenspan

"WOW!!! You Guys Knocked It Out Of The Park..."

"WOW!!! You guys knocked it out of the park with our animated logo. I submitted my logo this morning expecting to have my animated logo by the weekend. I was stunned when I received my first logo within 12 hours.

That was just for starters. When I opened and watched my animated logo I couldn't believe how awesome it looked. You guys did such a great job on the logo my wife thought I should use it as our website logo and she's a tough cookie to impress. Thanks again for an awesome job..."

Mike Shell

"Love How Impactful The Intro Is"

"Love how impactful the intro is. It captures your attention right away and compels you to keep watching."

Ty Fraley of the Ty Fraley Home Team

"By Far The Best And Super-Fast Service!"

"I've been outsourcing video intros and outros online and finally discovered By far the best! Super fast service, clean and amazing work!
Highly recommended and can't wait for my next video project with Splasheo!"

Lindley Miras


"Easy, Fast, Professional, Good Customer Service"

"Easy, Fast, Professional, Good Customer Service. Your service is really helpful for people who want to make their videos look professional with a tight budget. I'm looking forward to seeing more products and services from Splasheo."

Louis Liu

"It's So Eye Catching!"

"Splasheo produced a FANTASTIC intro video.  It's so eye catching that I included it on each page of my website! Their team was extremely fast, efficient and a "Breath of Fresh Air" to work with.Thank you!"

Mike Midkiff

"Whoa That's What We Need!"

"I accidentally found splasheo! I was browsing videos one day, and immediately it caught my attention! I was like, "whoa that's what we need!" I always try to think like consumers, and if it caught my attention, I was certain it would catch others! I immediately emailed the user and asked, "how did you do that?" They replied SPLASHEO! I researched the website and saw a ton of options! I was hooked! I sent in my information and 24 hours later my video was sent! They even made a few revisions which they normally don't do! Great Customer Service! I will definitely refer friends or purchase additional intros! Thanks again! "

Toy Laster
Choice Training Group Fitness

"I Highly Recommend Splasheo!"

"I purchased a Splasheo intro for my videos after quickly finding it through Pat Flynn's site, I figured it was worth looking into as I wanted to create a more professional look to my videos. I was amazed at how easy the process was and the quality of the animations and audio. I was expecting to pay a pretty hefty price when I looked at the order form but was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the price. I decided it was a small price to pay to add a professional look to my own brand. I was even more surprised when I received the finished product overnight. I highly recommend Splasheo! You can check out my website at and on Youtube under the same name. Thanks Splasheo!"

Jonathan Gonzalez

"Super-Fast Turnaround Time"

"Splasheo provided super-fast turnaround time (literally an hour) and created a fantastic, professional-looking, and attention-grabbing intro for all my videos. I'll be using this in everything I produce from now on!"

Brian DeChesare
Breaking Into Wall Street

"I Love It!"

"I was looking to do an intro for my videos in a professional way and did not find such good quality until I found Splasheo. Despite being from the other side of the world and speaking spanish, I could hire without any trouble. I love it! "

Dulcia from Argentina

"Quick, Easy And So Fun"

"Love your work, quick, easy and so fun.  Makes the videos look really professional."

Rosemary Manners

"A Finishing Professional Touch"

"When I opened and played the download link to the intro Splasheo created for me, I laughed out loud. I could not have been happier. I'm well and truly branded now. The intro Splasheo created for me is absolutely awesome. I'll be back for more... the intro will certainly put a finishing professional touch to my videos. Thank you!"

Angelina Rose

"Fast And Really Professional"

"The service is fast and really professional. Before this I bought one video intro from another provider at a bigger price and I got a lower quality intro.

That intro showed lots of imperfections while Splasheo's intro is very clean and...just perfect! I'm totally satisfied and I'll buy again from them."

Mauro D'Andrea
Blog Growth


"This intro is SUPERB! It made my videos look more professional and effective! All my viewers were very impressed with the new look to my videos thanks to Splasheo excellent and fast work. Splasheo has helped generate new followers and popularity to my website and channel. Thank you!"

Paris Christou

"You Will Not Be Disappointed!"

"Having seen the style of videos that Gideon and the Splasheo Team creates. I knew and had no doubts that i would be in good hands when looking for the best custom video solutions... I was right. It is amazing! I've now have a custom video that not only looks professional, but was delivered to me within hours of placing my order. I definitely have no reservations in recommending their services to others... Give these guys a go. You will not be disappointed!"

Onder Hassan

"They've Made It... Look So Much More Professional..."

"I love my custom intro and ‘lower third’ from Splasheo; They’ve made it possible for my small business to look so much more professional with minimal effort. They were so easy to create and use, I can’t wait to see the Splasheo outro’s"

Jessica Shailes